VV-Impact Tracker

Plan, Capture and Report Your Impact – Demonstrate the difference you make



  • For impact officers/research offices, researchers/academics, impact leads, senior management
  • Secure, cloud-based platform
  • Enhanced collaboration and reporting system
  • Manage institutional research impact data easily
  • Raise the visibility of your impact performance
  • Develop and manage Impact Case Studies
  • Uses VV-Impact Metrics framework established since 2009
  • Unique framework to understand and track research impact and support it with evidence

“VV’s Impact Tracker software has been an absolute life saver! I have been leading a research project for the past four years that has become nationally and internationally significant very quickly. VV-Impact Tracker has allowed me to save vital evidence to clearly demonstrate the impact of the project, and, it has also helped me to map out and assess the nature of that impact in terms of stakeholders, for example. I have no doubt that it has also saved me much time and anxiety! My project will be used by my institution as a case study for REF2021. Had Impact Tracker not been available to me when the project began, I doubt that I would be in such a strong position now.”

Dr Emma Vickers

Senior Lecturer in History, Liverpool John Moores University

Now CPD Certified! Our E-Learning courses

Now CPD Certified! Our E-Learning courses

  We would like to announce that all four of our E-Learning courses are now CPD accredited! Our extensive experience within the industry, as well as first-hand knowledge of impact tracking enables us to have a unique database of relevant information. We provide...

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Release of Latest e-Learning Courses

Release of Latest e-Learning Courses

  LONDON - Over the last decade, Vertigo Ventures (VV) has provided training and consultation around planning for, measuring and communicating the impact of research to thousands of researchers at many universities globally. With the rapid growth of our company...

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Upcoming Webinar: Reviewing HK RAE Impact Case Studies

Upcoming Webinar: Reviewing HK RAE Impact Case Studies

On 22nd August at 1pm HK time, Vertigo Ventures will run a webinar for Hong Kong-based academics and research office staff who are involved with developing Impact Case Studies for the upcoming RAE 2020 submission. During this webinar, Dr. Mary Ho will take...

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Top Universities are tracking their Impact with VV-Impact Tracker


Request your free trial today and start within a couple of weeks. Our team will give you a presentation and demo, listen to your needs and set up your very own VV-Impact Tracker environment.

*All requests for trials will be subject to a mutual NDA.


VV-Impact Metrics Framework

  • Established impact taxonomy since 2009
  • Enables understanding of Impact
  • Records supporting evidence
  • Structures data throughout project lifecycle
  • Creates organisational memory
  • Used by top universities and organisations
  • Visibile impact performance

Store supporting evidence

  • Add impact evidence accumulated during research.
    • Radio interviews
    • Meetings
    • News articles
    • Videos
    • Photographs
    • PDF reports
    • Emails
    • Datasets
    • Tweets and more

Create case studies

  • Storyboard function to develop case study structure, in 7 easy steps
  • Link to stakeholders, activities and indicators to create a full picture on the impact you have achieved
  • Use for engagement and impact case study reports
  • Assess ‘impact readiness’ in internal case study mock reviews

Impact Data Management

  • Traditionally information stored with individuals or in silos
  • Now accessible to teams across the organisation
  • Administrative burden removed
  • Systematically stored so information can be used now
  • Or in years to come as impact may be over a longer timescale
  • Available for grant applications and reporting
  • Can be re-purposed for different audiences

“The VV-Impact Tracker software is unique in the sector. VV also offers the best client support! I have used the tool to train academics about impact in general and they find it very helpful and instructive. My colleagues are very happy with VV-Impact Tracker and appreciative of its structure and the flexibility it provides.”

Jeung Lee

Impact Lead, responsible for leading the submission of the REF impact case studies, Brunel University

How VV-Impact Tracker Helps


Senior Management

  • Reporting impact to Management Committee and government departments
  • Visibility of organisations performance
  • Source of materials for communications
  • Identify opportunities for accelerating the organisations performance
  • Compelling stories to attract the best students
  • Website material


  • Impact Case Study Development
  • Project planning
  • Evidence for impact
  • Identify key activities for Pathways to Impact statements
  • Create and use individual impact records
  • External collaborators, research users and stakeholders upload evidence

Impact Officers

  • Impact reporting
  • Case study development
  • Organisational visibility
  • Add and view impact for each project
  • Data aggregation
  • Re-purpose information for different audiences eg RCUK, HEFCE
  • Grants – Project Planning

“Impact planning and reporting is a high priority to LJMU, especially in light of REF2014 and RCUK guidelines on impact. Other funders such as the EU (Horizon 2020) also want to see how the grants they are providing are making a difference in the world. With this in mind we realised that we needed a systematic way of capturing impact information (and needed it quickly!).

VV-Impact Tracker is an easy to use tool that our researchers across disciplines have quickly engaged with to store their impact information. The cloud-based product had a straight forward set-up, so our researchers could quickly log on and start recording and planning their impact. Staff from our central Research & Innovation Services work with academic colleagues across the organisation and support impact case study development as well as project planning for impact.

We run REF annual review exercises that include monitoring of potential REF impact case studies because the data and information are easily available.

As early adopters of VV-Impact Tracker (since July 2014),  we have fed into the ongoing developments of the tool. Vertigo Ventures really do listen and take onboard client feedback. They have involved LJMU in a variety of events, discussions and meetings; we really feel valued.”

Dr Diana Leighton

Research Excellence Framework (REF) Manager, Liverpool John Moores University

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