VV-Impact Tracker Benefits




VV-Impact Tracker supports the whole organisation:

Can share compelling organisational data with the Vice Chancellor and government departments.


Can identify opportunities for accelerating the organisation's performance.

Can easily capture impact information in real time.


Can identify key activities for Pathways to Impact statements.


Can create and use individual

impact records 

Are able to add and view impact for each project across the organisation.


Can aggregate data across the whole organisation to provide an overall view.


Can repurpose information for different audiences such as RCUK and HEFCE.

The Challenge:

"Not having data/evidence readily available to demonstrate how the research has had an impact to funding bodies and other stakeholders to scale work." – UK University Impact Officer

Currently reporting impact is challenging because: 

  • The data is unstructured

  • Collecting evidence is an administrative burden

  • There are additional cost and time associated with retrospective reporting 

  • The behaviour change necessary is neglected and research-users are not always engaged.

Our Solution: VV Impact Tracker

By combining narrative with metrics, planning for impact, and bridging the academic and user divide, we can effectively address the issue of retaining relevant information and evidence to prove the true significance of impact.

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