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Demonstrating the Value of Public Engagement
Digital-first approaches to capturing and evidencing meaningful impact
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29/06/21 10:30-11:45BST

Webinar Summary

Public Engagement Webinar

For many organisations, public engagement is an increasing priority. Funders increasingly expect to see it factored into grants and evaluations. For many businesses and charities, the impact of their engagement with the public is a core measure of their success.

But capturing meaningful evaluation data is really challenging.

In this webinar we will look at the challenges facing organisations when trying to expose meaningful impacts of their public engagement, and some of the strategies and technology that can be used to solve these.

The session will be introduced by special guest speaker Sophie Duncan, Co-Director of the NCCPE, who will reflect on how the university sector is rising to these challenges and some of the promising practices that are emerging.


Time Session Speaker(s)
10:30-10:45 Introduction

Using data intelligently to augment how organisations evidence the value of public engagement

Sophie Duncan, Co-Director, NCCPE
10:45-11:00 Case Study – Charity Sector

Hands-on experience in embarking on the public engagement journey, and helpful strategies that provide support

11:00-11:20 Digital Strategies for Public Engagement

Using technology to improve how organisations capture, measure and demonstrate the impact of their public engagement

Andy Styles & Emily Hill, Client Success Managers, Vertigo Ventures
11:20-11:35 Case Study – Wellcome Genome Campus

Digital techniques for showcasing public engagement

Fran Gale, Education Lead, Wellcome Genome Campus
11:35-11:40 Questions All
11:40-11:45 Closing Remarks Sophie Duncan, Co-Director, NCCPE


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