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Impact Landscape Survey 2021 Illuminates Global Research Impact Trends

Vertigo Ventures (VV) today announced the release of the Impact Landscape Survey 2021.

Launch of to Accelerate Global Collaboration towards a Sustainable Future

TrackImpact™ is a free-to-access solution that accelerates positive social, economic and environmental impact by enabling sectors as diverse as research, science, industry, policy, funding, academia and more to work together on critical projects for achieving a sustainable future.

Vertigo Ventures Sponsors Inaugural Climate Challenge Cup

We are proud to announce that we are the sponsors of the first ever Climate Challenge Cup!

Vertigo Ventures Supports #ACT4SDGs

Vertigo Ventures is proud to support the UN’s #Act4SDGs 2021 campaign – learn more about this critical initiative for a sustainable future!

Bath Spa University Case Study: Developing the Strongest Possible REF Submission

“The support provided by VV has been critical to develop the strongest possible REF submission”- Dr Astrid Breel, Impact Research Fellow at Bath Spa University

Channeling your Eco-Anxiety into Constructive Action

“A chronic fear of environmental doom” is a growing concern felt by individuals yet has the power to be channeled into positive action.

Bridging the Gap between Research and Rewards through Global Collaboration

“Successful collaboration relies on trust and long-standing relationships”, but how can we ensure this in the long-term? We discuss the reasons behind dwindling research collaboration and the importance of building global communities of researchers to guarantee mutual success and big rewards.

A Proven Impact Track Record: Interviewing Robert Mansion, Senior Developer, on the History of ImpactTracker™

In the first part of our series in which we meet various members of the Vertigo Ventures team, we speak to Robert Mansion, one of the company’s earliest developers who has a wealth of experience with the ImpactTracker™ product.

Charities, Collaboration, and a Bright Future for the SDGs

In many ways, charities can be seen as exemplars when it comes to considering models for SDG success. “Unlike the corporate model, charities have the expressed and infallible aim of providing care. They are not laboured with the...

Case Study – Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“Overall, VV was instrumental in the development of our Impact Case Studies for RAE 2020 and I found this personally extremely educational and beneficial as well.”


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