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This is a form for those in Higher Education Institutions, research institutes and government/charitable organisations worldwide to utilise. If you have a code for a six-month trial, please enter it below, or if you wish to discuss options with a Client Success representative, please proceed without a code.

TrackImpact is a free-to-access platform that allows any users to view and collaborate on projects.

However, to be able to publish projects on TrackImpact, you will need an ImpactTracker license for our proprietary impact capture and demonstration software.

TrackImpact Overview

TrackImpact is the global collaboration platform for accelerating positive social, economic and environmental change. Users search for projects that are solving the pressing issues of our age and can ask to collaborate, ensuring the best skills come together on the most appropriate initiatives.

Any user can sign up for free and collaborate on projects that matter to them. To publish projects, users will require an ImpactTracker license – a Vertigo Ventures product used worldwide to capture, analyse, understand and demonstrate impact. The reason we have this as a requirement is because ImpactTracker uses an objective set of metrics for impact – used in the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings to demonstrate universities’ impact – and this helps deliver consistency and transparency. Every project is directly aligned to the SDGs so it is simple for project owners to display the relevance of activities, and easy for collaborators to identify and engage with the projects they can really help with.


and keep up-to-date with everything impact related.

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