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Impact Symposium 2021
Collaboration in Action
29/09/21 | Online Event

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29/09/21 09:15-12:15 (GMT +1)

N.B. This event is aimed at roles that are involved with impact, including Impact Officers, Research Managers, Policy Makers, Directors of Research / Impact Functions and similar positions, across Higher Education Institutions, research institutes, government/charitable organisations and relevant corporates with active social/environmental/economic impact functions.

Impact Symposium Summary

In the second edition of our annual Impact Symposium, we examine the state of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how collaboration provides opportunities to speed up progress that has been set back by as much as 25 years.

According to a recent survey, only 12% of organisations believe that they have made strong progress towards their SDG targets, while over 95% are certain or unsure that their organisations could be making more progress towards the SDGs. Nearly a quarter of organisations have not aligned their strategic priorities to the SDGs. COVID and institutional strategy are just some of the major challenges that have acted as inhibitors.

In this climate, the Collaboration in Action summit looks to assess what can be done to accelerate progress towards the SDGs, bringing together international experts in the SDGs and impact, alongside case studies of how organisations are successfully making their way towards their goals. One of the emerging themes is that impact activities cannot be carried out in isolation – to meet the SDG goals in time, cross-disciplinary working between relevant experts will lead the way.

2030 is edging closer, and we need to act now and work together to solve the pressing social, economic and environmental challenges that affect the entire world. Academia, science, policy, industry, and others have a unique chance to co-operate for a sustainable future. Our impact is our legacy.



Keynote Speech – Collaboration in Action

The state of the SDGs and what collaboration can mean for global progress

Vertigo Ventures

Case Study

How the SDGs are strategically embedded as part of the university

Higher Education Representative

Networking Break

An interactive session enabling you to meet and engage with other attendees


Panel Discussion – International Collaboration

Exploring the differences between Western and Eastern approaches to SDGs and how we can start bridging the gaps

Matthew Guest, Policy Manager (Research, Knowledge Exchange & Industrial Strategy), GuildHE, UK
Dr Rasigan Maharajh, Chief Director, IERI (Institute for Economic Research on Innovation), South Africa
Dr Rajesh Tandon, Founder-President, PRIA, India / Co-Chair, UNESCO Chair on Community Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education

Knowledge Exchange & Engagement

Examining how SDG information is currently communicated and strategies for optimisation


Networking Break

Another opportunity to engage with other participants


Case Study

Collaboration technology in action


Panel Discussion – Cross-Sector Collaboration

A conversation around the ways different sectors, including science, academia, policy, industry and more, are working together towards the SDGs, and discussion around best practice

Dr Sarah Foxen, Knowledge Exchange Lead, POST – UK Parliament
Dr Steven Hill, Director of Research, UKRI
Dr Catriona Manville, Head of Policy, AMRC
12:05-12:15Closing RemarksTBD


Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash


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