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Improve Impact

Easy Collaboration

Search or filter by interest and get involved with projects that make a difference to you – and the world
Supercharge SDGs

Accessible Research

On a free platform, research is available to everyone – regardless of sector, location or demographic
Catalyse Culture

SDG Accelerator

Every project is mapped to the SDGs it contributes toward – measure real progress with real results
Collaborations are essential — we need diverse teams to tackle global problems such as pandemics, and to help navigate social and geopolitical challenges

June 2021

Global collaboration platform

TrackImpact™ is a free-to-access solution that accelerates positive social, economic and environmental impact by enabling sectors as diverse as research, science, industry, policy, funding, academia and more to work together on critical projects for achieving a sustainable future.

Every project is directly mapped to the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which permits accurate tracking of progress against objective impact metrics. Through intuitive search and filtering functionality, the platform makes it easy for users to identify projects that can benefit from their skillset or resources – and then to request collaboration opportunities.

Since its initial beta phase, TrackImpact’s user base has grown across North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, with attendees at this year’s Impact Symposium able to get a first-hand feel for the potential of research collaboration in accelerating SDG progress.

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Making Research Accessible for All

Impact Mapping

Every project is clearly mapped against real impact indicators that demonstrate clear social, environmental and economic progress

Easy Collaboration

Progress thrives off diversity; TrackImpact makes it easy to match relevant skills to projects so we can collectively make a significant difference

SDG Acceleration

With every project mapped to the SDGs it addresses, everybody can understand what the impact of research is, and how it drives along progress towards the SDG 2030 target

Impact Community

Through following and collaborating, TrackImpact helps bring the international impact community together towards a common series of critical goals

Why it matters

The Impact Ecosystem

Impact Ecosystem

End-to-end impact enablement

TrackImpact is part of the Vertigo Ventures impact ecosystem, a family of solutions that enables individuals and organisations to maximise their impact.

Your impact journey with VV starts through gaining expertise and online CPD accreditations through our ImpactAcademy eLearning programme, then continues through ImpactTracker as you begin to capture, report on and demonstrate your impact. Because Tracker integrates with a variety of systems, such as Symplectic and Pure, it is easy to align all of your sources and activities with the actual impact of your projects.

As you continue to improve your impact, you will next start collaborating on projects internationally through TrackImpact, working across different sectors (such as academia and industry) to speed up progress towards the UN’s SDG target. Finally, live performance comparisons will allow you to benchmark your progress.


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