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ImpactAcademy is a world-class training platform run by an experienced team of experts that takes users on the complete journey from beginner understanding to advanced knowledge of research impact and its wider implications for communities, society and global progress.
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What is Research Impact?


  • What is impact and why is it important?
  • How was the field of research impact developed over the years?
  • How is research impact significant to national frameworks and funding applications?

Identifying Impact


  • What are the different components of impact?
  • How does impact relate to different stakeholders, outcomes, impact activities and indicators?
  • How do I take the first steps in creating my impact narrative?



  • What are the basics of evidence gathering and acquiring stakeholder evidence?
  • How do I gather evidence and feedback?
  • How do I engage with my key stakeholders throughout the research process?

Developing a Compelling Impact Narrative


  • What does a compelling impact narrative look like?
  • How does impact relate to different stakeholders, outcomes, impact activities and indicators?
  • How do I feel confident about identifying good impact narratives and start writing my own?

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