Mock REF Panel Reviews (Course ID: I05; only for VV-Impact Tracker clients)


This is an internal university-wide review for impact case studies per the Main Panel that they are likely to be submitted to (often takes at least half a day per Main Panel). A prerequisite is that all potential impact case studies to be reviewed must be first be fully drafted in VV-Impact Tracker at least one week before the review. The Research Office then distributes the PDF of each impact case study to the chosen panel members for review ahead of the Mock REF panel review day(s).

On the day itself, the trainer will deliver an overview of what impact is and what makes a 4* impact case study so that attendees all have a consistent understanding. The trainer will also help the Research Office prepare the scoring matrix based on development potential and likely ratings and define the next actions required to develop the impact potential further. All the potential impact case studies are printed and provided to the panel members during the meeting where the Unit of Assessment/Main Panel/Impact Leads from each area, provide their summary commentary for discussion. Notes are taken during the meeting and distributed to the impact case study authors afterwards for learning and execution.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Attendees to gain clarity on the main impact components of their research project
  • Impact Leads/Research Office to have a clear understanding of what makes a 4* impact case study and what they are looking for during internal assessments
  • The University to have clarity on how well developed and the likely potentials of their impact case studies (i.e. an internal health check)
  • The University to have clarity on what actions it could take to make the impact case studies more robust and develop them further to improve chances of 3/4* rating.

Who should attend

  • UoA/Impact Leads
  • Research Office


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