Mock Panel interviews (Course ID: I03; only for VV-Impact Tracker users)


Within a Faculty/Department academics with potential impact case studies are invited to do a 10 minute presentation of their work (through VV-Impact Tracker) to a small review panel. This is then followed by a short Q&A session to try and further determine how robust and at what stage the impact and evidence is currently at, and, what else could be done to maximise ‘reach’ and ‘significance’. From here in discussion with the panel each attendee identifies key actions to improve their impact case studies (ahead of any internal Mock REF Panel Review).

Learning Outcomes:

  • Attendees to have clarity about the ‘gaps’ in their impact case studies
  • Research Office/Impact Leads able to more accurately assess the impact star rating potential of the selected impact case studies
  • Attendees to define actions to develop and strengthen their impact case studies further.

Who should attend

  • Researchers/Academics/Impact Case Study authors (only VV-Impact Tracker users)
  • Research Office & Impact/Departmental Leads


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