Solution Architect/ DevOps

Position Level


Team Role

Team Lead


Product development

Line Manager


Working Hours

Full time – 40 hours per week

Salary Range

TBD (plus benefits)

  • SaaS development
  • Leadership experience in heading up technical teams with a mixture of software development, DevOps and architecture
  • Product and project management skills
  • Foster leadership skills within the technology team and encourage innovation
  • Knowledge of outsourced model and team leadership
  • Lead IT architecture vision, design and documentation;
  • Handle high & low level system architectures and interfaces for VV SaaS products;
  • Develop new AWS microservices/serverless architecture interacting with the few legacy deployments through API endpoints;
  • Grow the new architecture API to cover the legacy functionality, implementing scaffold that merely translates requests and responses between end-users and the legacy deployments;
  • Smoothly migrate the legacy software architecture of the company to the new Cloud-native microservices/serverless architecture;
  • Improve infrastructure maintenance, e.g. security, network traffic and load balancing;
  • Improve deployment processes & CI/CD, Security and Compliance;
  • Configuration of CI/ Puppet to facilitate simplified and rapid deployment of new code to the production environment;
  • Creation and regularly update of documentation to illustrate how the environments are set up;
  • Strong background in, and at least 3+ years of working in software architecture, AWS Well Architected framework
  • Proven experience as a Team Lead or similar role
  • Previous multi-stakeholder management experience
  • Experience in mobile, email and telephony services


  • University degree in n Computer Science, Computer Engineering (or appropriate computer science related certificate)
  • Professional Qualifications: Industry certifications in software development


  • Lifelong learner – thrives from developing and sharing knowledge
  • Be comfortable working with a multicultural team
  • Proactive approach and organisational skills
  • Willingness to be flexible with time zones
  • Minimum of two languages (English is mandatory)

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