Agile Scrum

Position Level

Team Lead

Team Role

Scrum Master


Product development

Line Manager

Product Manager

Working Hours

Full time – 40 hours per week

Salary Range

TBD (plus benefits)

  • Advanced understanding of SAAS coding process incl:
  • Communication skills:
  • Leadership skills and ability to adapt/ work under pressure
  • Tech/ Product Development background is required
  • Advanced understanding of SAAS coding process is required
  • Good understanding of the AGILE methodology 
  • Be comfortable working with a team
  • Positive attitude and desire to grow with the company
  • Knowledge for impact and sustainability 
  • Proactive approach and organisational skills 
  • Willingness to engage with technology platforms
  • Willingness to be flexible with timezones
  • Responsible for ensuring the team follows the AGILE processes and practices that have been agreed to be used
  • Has a full understanding of The Product and requirements and the ability to create user stories / tasks for them
  • Liaise with the Product Owner to make sure the product backlog is in good shape
  • Planning and estimating the sprints
  • Removes any impediments to progress
  • Coordinate the Development Team to develop the product/ features on time/  by facilitating meetings
  • Communicates with third parties if required (Clients, Suppliers, Partners)
  • Supports the process of assignment of the Users Stories/ Tasks based on the Dev Team capacity and the guidance from the Product Owner
  • Supports the Dev team to endure acceptance/ closure of all Epics/ tasks
  • Leading in the Daily meetings with the Development Team
  • Review the Product backlog items on a regular basis with the Product Owner
  • Coordinating between the development team/Product Owner and the CEO
  • Prepares/ discuss Development Progress reports/ KPIs
  • Previous Agile Scrum experience
  • Previous customer facing requirement gathering and customer support experience
  • Previous sector experience – IT, Finance & Accounting


  • University degree in n Computer Science, Computer Engineering (or appropriate computer science related certificate)


  • Tech/ SaaS Product Development background
  • Research/Impact experience/background
  • Be comfortable working with a multicultural team
  • Proactive approach and organisational skills
  • Willingness to be flexible with time zones
  • Minimum of two languages (English is mandatory)

To apply, follow the link below and please be sure to attach your resume/CV.

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