Our software enables you to easily capture, measure and report your research impact.

Used at approximately 50 organisations worldwide, VV-Impact Tracker is powered by Impact Metrics, a proprietary taxonomy framework that prompts and guides academics and organisations in capturing, measuring and reporting their research impact.

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Organisational wide reporting on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) for the Times Higher Education’s (THE) Impact Rankings

Our unique impact taxonomy is aligned with the UN SDGs.

This enables you to capture all projects, activities and impacts that are contributing to the SDG targets and the THE Impact Ranking metrics. SDG related filters can then be used in data exports and other searches to produce an organisational overview of all SDG projects.

Help plan for and structure Impact Case Studies for National Assessment reporting

VV-Impact Tracker will enable your organisation to build high quality impact case studies from the ground up.

Using a logic model approach and our unique impact taxonomy, our workflow encourages academics to build plans for generating impact, understand what they need to measure and document progress, and gathering evidence, across the whole lifetime of an impact case study.

Impact case studies can be drawn from multiple projects, with multiple collaborators, enabling long-term data gathering and crafting of compelling narratives. Advice and information can be found at each step on the way and academics also benefit from our comprehensive Help and Resource pages, which provide advice from our impact experts on how to build high quality impact case studies to meet National Assessment requirements, wherever you are.

Store all evidence in real-time

Our unique evidence vault enables you to store a wide range of evidence types in our secure cloud storage solution. 

Evidence items are easily assigned to projects, case studies, activities and indicators to facilitate reporting and evidencing of impact. As well as file uploads, our web-clipper feature allows you to gather time stamped PDF clippings of websites, plus you can download PDFs of the most recent version of any captured webpage – so you can easily evidence change.

Plus, we capture social media feeds, free text and evidence from available integrations such as Gateway to Research. Whilst the evidence vault can be viewed by all collaborators on a project, individual items can be marked as confidential – giving piece of mind to academics that are working on commercially sensitive projects.

REF2021 tracker screenshot

Manage peer review processes online

VV-Impact Reviewer has been designed as a fully integrated module within VV-Impact Tracker. Also available as a stand-alone system. It helps organisations automate and manage any peer review process, from national assessment reporting, through to grant proposals and appraisals.

 Organisations can easily create their own review templates to guide their reviewers with our in-built scoring system. Multiple reviewers and moderators can be assigned to review, analyse and assess work remotely at their own pace, whilst administrators can easily track progress.

Review documents can be directly imported from VV-Impact Tracker projects or uploaded separately, giving flexibility in terms of what can be reviewed. Reviewer comments can be pre-moderated and all scores aggregated and displayed as graphs. Administrators also have the flexibility to export reviews with or without scores/grades depending on the audience.

Embed a culture for impact

VV-Impact Tracker has been designed to help academics embed impact at each stage of the research process: from inception to beyond the traditional lifespan of a research project.

 The logical workflow encourages academics to plan and build their case studies up in stages, bringing together different elements of the project into storyboards, where their impact narratives can be crafted.

Our unique taxonomy helps academics consider what impact might look like and how it can be measured – guiding them on what evidence to gather and increasing their impact literacy. Our comprehensive help & resource pages provide guidance and insights into embedding impact into the research process, as well as on how best to use the tool.

The collaborative nature of VV-Impact Tracker allows for both academics and professional support staff to contribute at the most relevant stages of the project. Responsibility for leading on impact case studies can be easily handed over, as academics move on as the group administrator roles allow for monitoring of progress at the appropriate levels across the organisation.


“VV’s Impact Tracker platform has allowed me to save vital evidence to clearly demonstrate the impact of the project, and, it has also helped me to map out and assess the nature of that impact in terms of stakeholders. Had it not been available to me when the project began, I doubt I would be in such a strong position now.”

Dr Emma Vickers

Senior Lecturer in History, Liverpool John Moores University

“Both our central team and departmental administrators have been using VV-Impact Tracker successfully to capture impact data and develop impact case studies. I have used the tool to train academics about the impact in general and they find it very helpful and instructive due to its well-developed structure.”

Dr. Jeung Lee

REF Lead, Brunel University

“We have been using VV-Impact Tracker for about 4 years. It’s really intuitive as a piece of software, and it has a really good user interface as well. Vertigo Ventures make our reporting process a lot smoother and also give us a much better oversight of the projects we are working on as an institute.”

Sam Parker

KEC Data Officer, John Innes Centre


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