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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 225

The REF’s focus on linear and direct impact is problematic and silences certain types of research. Read more The University College Corks published an economic and societal impact report earlier this year. Read more The Heriot-Watt University's British Sign Language...

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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 224

Open access book publishing should be community-focused and aim to let diversity thrive, not be driven by a free market paradigm. Read more Pathways to excellence in public engagement: A noble ‘PEACE prize’. Read more ‘Are we there yet?’: A multi-method study of the...

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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 223

Navigating trade-offs between research, impact, and collaboration. Read more NCCPE publishes response to REF consultation. Read more Developing approaches to research impact assessment and evaluation: lessons from a Canadian health research funder. Read more THE...

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Vertigo Ventures’ Brand Identity Refresh

We are excited to formalise a project we have been working on for several months now! We see this as the next step towards improving all aspects of the business and achieving our company vision. While we will be rolling out the new brand slowly over the next few months (across our website, software etc.), we wanted to share with you an outline of our thinking, and the new VV logo.

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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 230

The measurement tail should not be wagging the impact dog. Read more How to promote your research achievements without being obnoxious? Read more The SDGs are what the world needs. Will they be what the world gets? Read more Creating safe, inclusive campuses through...

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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 229

Join the New 'International Impact Network' Discussion Forum.  Read More How can Universities get more activists to take-up their research? Read more The evaluative inquiry: a new approach to research evaluation. Read more The biggest impact of university research is...

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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 228

Register for VV Webinar: How to approach Internal Impact Reviews. Read more Adviser opportunity at The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee. Read more Greater than the sum of its parts: why the GCRF Interdisciplinary Research Hubs should adopt a programme...

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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 227

Walking and talking research impact. Read more The characteristics and reporting quality of research impact case studies: A systematic review. Read more Policy impact: A ‘How to’ guide for researchers. Read more Approaches to SDG 17 Partnerships for the Sustainable...

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