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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 228

Register for VV Webinar: How to approach Internal Impact Reviews. Read more Adviser opportunity at The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee. Read more Greater than the sum of its parts: why the GCRF Interdisciplinary Research Hubs should adopt a programme...

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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 227

Walking and talking research impact. Read more The characteristics and reporting quality of research impact case studies: A systematic review. Read more Policy impact: A ‘How to’ guide for researchers. Read more Approaches to SDG 17 Partnerships for the Sustainable...

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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 226

University Impact Ranking: time to submit your data. Read more Could it all be much ado about nothing?: A tragicomic perspective on research impact. Read more Building back trust: Demonstrating research impact. Read more Research Impact Summit 2018 - Nov. 19th &...

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Upcoming Webinar: Planning for Impact in VV-IT (UK)

On 13 November at noon (UK time), Vertigo Ventures will run a webinar for UK VV-Impact Tracker clients on "Planning for Impact in VV-IT". This webinar will cover how to create Pathway to Impact statements and how VV-Impact Tracker can be used in creating these. The...

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Upcoming Webinar: Using the VV-IT Storyboard Function (UK)

On 16 October at noon (UK time), Vertigo Ventures will run a webinar for UK VV-Impact Tracker clients on "Structuring Compelling Impact Case Studies using the VV-IT Storyboard Function". This webinar will be a practical session around VV-Impact Tracker’s ‘storyboard’...

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