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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 225

  1. The REF’s focus on linear and direct impact is problematic and silences certain types of research. Read more
  2. The University College Corks published an economic and societal impact report earlier this year. Read more
  3. The Heriot-Watt University’s British Sign Language team engages with deaf communities and interpreting practitioners about their research. Read more
  4. Winner of Royal Society Prize for changing research culture. Read more
  5. UNAI announces its inaugural class of SDG Hubs: Connecting universities and colleges with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Read more



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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 224

  1. Open access book publishing should be community-focused and aim to let diversity thrive, not be driven by a free market paradigm. Read more
  2. Pathways to excellence in public engagement: A noble ‘PEACE prize’. Read more
  3. ‘Are we there yet?’: A multi-method study of the Oxford University Press Pathways to school improvement. Read more
  4. Power to participants: a call for person‐centred HIV prevention services and research. Read more
  5. What metrics matter the most to you? Read more


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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 223

  1. Navigating trade-offs between research, impact, and collaboration. Read more
  2. NCCPE publishes response to REF consultation. Read more
  3. Developing approaches to research impact assessment and evaluation: lessons from a Canadian health research funder. Read more
  4. THE Impact Ranking: Webinar and FAQs updated. Read more
  5. Project COBRA Impact – community participation. Read more


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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 222

  1. VV’s webinar: How universities contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more
  2. Best practices in film research. Read more
  3. Writing for impact. Read more
  4. Craft metrics to value co-production. Read more
  5. Virtual Issue: Measuring the Impact of Arts and Humanities Research in Europe. Read more


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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 221

  1. New open access publication on research impact. Read more
  2. Information systems (IS) research: making an impact in a publish-or-perish world. Read more
  3. Linguistics, language and the impact agenda. Read more
  4. Academics tune in to podcasts to help get their message across. Read more
  5. Video: the role of research universities in creating new impact. Read more


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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 220

  1. New global ranking to evaluate universities’ wider impact on society to be out next year. Read more
  2. Our statement on the recently launched Global University Impact Ranking. Read more
  3. EU to start tracking impact of individual researchers. Read more
  4. Better, fairer, more meaningful research evaluation – in seven hashtags. Read more
  5. Sharing your research with the public can change minds. Read more


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Insights on the HEI sector working towards sustainable development

In addition to working on the THE University Impact Rankings 2019, over the last few months, the VV team analysed THE World University Rankings 2019 top 100 higher education institutions (HEIs) in terms of their operational footprint as well as the sustainability impact of their teaching and research. Taking the 17 SDGs as a benchmark, our report, titled Insights into the Global Top 100 HEIs Practices in Achieving the UN SDGs, analysed publicly available data from the 100 institutions covering how they manage a variety of sustainability issues such as, policies in alignment with SDGs, governance, and curriculum development in alignment with SDGs.

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Vertigo Ventures’ Brand Identity Refresh

We are excited to formalise a project we have been working on for several months now! We see this as the next step towards improving all aspects of the business and achieving our company vision. While we will be rolling out the new brand slowly over the next few months (across our website, software etc.), we wanted to share with you an outline of our thinking, and the new VV logo.

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Our statement on the recently launched Global University Impact Ranking

As you might have heard by now, Vertigo Ventures (VV) are working in an advisory capacity with Times Higher Education (THE) to develop a new global university impact ranking that aims to measure institutions’ success in delivering the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We hope this new ranking will be another fantastic opportunity to celebrate and showcase the excellent work universities undertake and the range of ways in which they contribute to local, national and global societies and economies.

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New Product Manager joins the team

Vertigo Ventures is delighted to welcome Dr. Lucy Davies to the team as the new Product Manager for our VV-Impact Tracker software. Lucy is passionate about encouraging and helping researchers to make their work matter in the world outside academia, and, enabling them...

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