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To embed impact reporting for a sustainable world
Vertigo Ventures Mission Statement

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Who are we?

Message from the CEO

Robust impact reporting for success and sustainability is at the core of our belief system at Vertigo Ventures.

By enabling the systematic measurement, analysis and reporting of impact we believe that we are contributing to a more sustainable world because future investment decisions can then be directed towards further positive impact.

To embed impact reporting globally is our key purpose. By enabling the measurement of impact we believe we are contributing to a more sustainable world.

As impact experts with over 10 years of experience, we continue to lead conversations about impact, support organisations to embed impact reporting and deliver cutting edge technology solutions to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We look forward to enabling more people and organisations to identify, validate and showcase their social, environmental and economic impact so that we can all live in a better, more sustainable world.

Let’s drive prosperity but not at the expense of the environment or society.

Laura Tucker

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What We’re About

Vertigo Ventures (VV) empowers universities, researchers and stakeholders (from industry bodies through to policymakers) to understand, capture and demonstrate the impact of their research.

We co-launched the THE Impact Rankings in 2018 and continue to support the event, helping many participants to achieve excellence by clearly showcasing their research impact on an international stage. Through our innovative impact reporting software (ImpactTracker™), our dedicated consultancy services and comprehensive e-learning platform (ImpactAcademy™), we enable the world’s leading institutions to maximise the impact of their work in social, economic, environmental and other spheres.

Our Values

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We are passionate about helping you achieve your impact and sustainability goals, and support you with our expertise, consultancy and impact software.
Impact Experts


We have pioneered some of the most important impact support initiatives, including the mapping of impact metrics to the UN’s SDG goals, and use this experience to help you achieve your objectives.
Impact Partnership


We work as partners with our customers to maximise their impact and build sustainable relationships.

International Reach

Our global team provides impact expertise to individuals and organisations from North America through Eurasia to Oceania. As we grow we continue to build on our follow-the-sun model in order to make impact accessible for everyone.


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