Exciting New Collaboration Tool Coming Soon

This is a time when we need collaboration more than ever to collectively work on solutions to the myriad of issues COVID-19 has created. But finding collaborators is difficult when travel is restricted and conferences and meetings are pivoting online if not cancelled. We are excited to announce that Vertigo Ventures is working on a solution, developing a public portal to the rich resource of information held within its product VV-Impact Tracker.

Funded by an Innovate UK grant, the portal will be launched in early 2021. The portal will showcase the impact of the research underway, and provide an opportunity for people to look for collaborators, or find information on a COVID-19 related topic. The team is working on a user friendly and engaging interface, which will provide a window to the information and features already within Impact Tracker. Expert advice from research administrators and researchers that use Impact Tracker is guiding the development. This will be a valuable and useful resource for the whole community.

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