Experts in Impact Reporting

Founded in 2009 to ’embed impact reporting for a sustainable world’, we have been working with leading organisations globally to help them capture, measure and report the impact of their work.

Currently, we are working closely with many organisations in the United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong to help them best prepare for their national research assessment exercises. We are also working with other organisations in Europe and New Zealand to report to funders their impact.

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Impact reporting for a sustainable world

‘Robust impact reporting for success and sustainability’ is at the core of our belief system. By enabling the systematic measurement, analysis and reporting of impact we believe that we are contributing to a more sustainable world because future investment decisions can then be directed towards further positive impact. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to support organisations to fulfil their social, economic and environmental obligations and to help funders make better, more informed decisions, by enabling high quality impact data to be identified, recorded and amplified.



Impact Projects

What you can expect from us

We provide a range of services, such as impact training workshops, consultancy services, and, its proprietary software VV-Impact Tracker. All of them utilise our innovative online impact capture and reporting framework, VV-Impact Metrics, developed over the past decade with close industry input. Our depth of impact expertise enables our clients to put their best foot forward in embedding impact measurement and reporting, and, ultimately to maximise the reach and significance of their work.


We recognise that your success is dependent on the impact you have. At our core we are passionate about your sustainability and helping you to get the results you need. We lead discussions about impact and help you to embed, track and report it. We are all about making it easier for you.


We have pioneered and innovated with confidence leveraging a decade of practical experience across sectors. We continuously apply this knowledge and experience to bring you a suite of products to support you with impact reporting.


We will partner with you to provide support and encouragement for your impact journey. We recognise that actively listening to what you need, helps us to help you. Ultimately, this will maximize the impact you deliver.

Join Us!

Through our innovative software we have been able to create a fast-growing technology company which has expanded exponentially in the last few years, especially in Australia, UK and Hong Kong. 

We are an agile, ambitious team based in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore. With the rapid growth of the business, we are always looking to welcome new team members.

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