Robert Mansion

Robert Peter Mansion

Robert Peter Mansion

Software Engineer

When Robert was young he wanted to follow his dad’s footstep and that is to become a Civil Engineer. However, this had changed when he entered college. He chose a different path and enjoyed what he’d chosen for himself. He graduated with a degree of BS Information Technology and had his first experience working as Salesforce Developer and worked on some projects that integrate Salesforce to other application using C# language.

Robert is an enthusiast in learning new skills in developing software. He is also a night owl person where he gets more of his ideas.

For Robert, he gets his motivation in building things which he could do in software development. Building things like software is a challenge but it could pay you happiness, experience, and learn new things once you have finished it.

During his free time, he’s still doing some coding when trying out some of what he’s trying to learn. He also likes to watch TV series like Suits (an American show) and others with an interesting story. He sometimes read books that have something to do with psychology such as Mindset and The Road Less Travelled.

“Life is about learning. For you to advance you should embrace learning and be enthusiastic about it.”

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