New Australian client

Federation University has joined the growing VV-Impact Tracker client network. The VV team are delighted to welcome Federation to the Australian instance of VV-Impact Tracker and looks forward to working with them to roll out VV-Impact Tracker to create an...

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Capturing engagement activity just got easier!

We know how busy you are speaking at conferences, attending meetings to name a few, and how all this information is already stored in your calendars. No-one wants to do things twice so this new functionality enables you add this existing information into your...

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Integration with Digital Commons repository now live

VV-Impact Tracker can pull research outputs from Digital Commons repositories. as This has now added Digital Commons to the growing list of repositories and third party systems that VV-Impact Tracker connects to as part of our mission to avoid duplicating data where...

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Storing emails as impact evidence in one click!

We’ve heard how many of you love using VV-Impact Tracker to record all your impact evidence in one place so the latest functionality to be released by VV enables you to store your email evidence in once click from your email. Please go to your Evidence Vault in...

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Single Sign On update

In a world where we all have a thousand log ins, Single Sign On enables you to use existing log in credentials for another platform to log in to VV-Impact Tracker. SAML is now available as a Single Sign On option for VV-Impact Tracker clients. This is an open-data...

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New team member

Vertigo Ventures is delighted to welcome Shireen Ali-Khan to the Vertigo Ventures team. Shireen brings a wealth of experience in delivering training and events from her work at the Leadership Foundation and measuring impact from her previous work measuring the impact...

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