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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 230

  1. The measurement tail should not be wagging the impact dog. Read more
  2. How to promote your research achievements without being obnoxious? Read more
  3. The SDGs are what the world needs. Will they be what the world gets? Read more
  4. Creating safe, inclusive campuses through collaboration. Read more
  5. RSM and Global Compact NL close alliance to help business impact SDGs. Read more

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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 229

  1. Join the New ‘International Impact Network’ Discussion Forum.  Read More
  2. How can Universities get more activists to take-up their research? Read more
  3. The evaluative inquiry: a new approach to research evaluation. Read more
  4. The biggest impact of university research is on teaching. Read more
  5. Developing a ‘capabilities approach’ for measuring social impact. Read more

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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol. 228

  1. Register for VV Webinar: How to approach Internal Impact Reviews. Read more
  2. Adviser opportunity at The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee. Read more
  3. Greater than the sum of its parts: why the GCRF Interdisciplinary Research Hubs should adopt a programme approach to research design and management. Read more
  4. A more inclusive legal system for Deaf Sign Language users. Read more
  5. LinkedIn for academia. Read more


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Announcing launch of world’s first University Impact Ranking

Announcing launch of world’s first University Impact Ranking

Working in partnership with Vertigo Ventures, Times Higher Education (THE) is set to launch the world’s first university impact ranking. This is the first global initiative to document evidence of higher education impact and is designed to capture unique new insights on universities’ contributions towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It will factor in aspects of university research, operations and impact.

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