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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol.197

1. Linear impact narratives encourage easy science. Read more
2. Making a difference in impact – is there life beyond REF? Read more
3. Shaping university research and knowledge exchange. Read more
4. Creativity, risk and the research impact agenda in the United Kingdom. Read more
5. Register now for the INORMS 2018 conference in Edinburgh. Read more


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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol.196

1. How to request a statement of support for your impact work. Read more
2. Last chance to register for our upcoming webinar on ‘Public engagement as a pathway to impact’. Read more
3. The politics of research impact: academic perceptions of the implications for research funding, motivation and quality. Read more
4. Five principles for holistic science communication to increase the public impact of science. Read more
5. Sign up now for one of the 2018 regional ‘Research, Impact and the UK Parliament’ training workshops. Read more


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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol.195

1. Upcoming webinar: Public engagement as a pathway to impact. Read more
2. The Overseas Development Institute’s REF impact toolkit. Read more
3. How researchers are ensuring that their work has an impact. Read more
4. Access then impact: using the media as a shortcut to policymakers. Read more
5. The impact agenda and the study of British politics. Read more


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The rise of the theory of change

The rise of the theory of change

Since at least 2009, when the research councils launched pathways to impact and HEFCE released proposals for impact assessment, impact, as part of research organisations’ agendas has grown both in importance and sophistication. How far institutions are equipped to...

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