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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol.179

  1. Research impact at the UK Parliament.  Read more
  2. Research use in Parliament – the need for simple, concise, and relevant knowledge. Read more
  3. Seminar explores how we measure research impact. Read more
  4. The fifth A of assessing impact. Read More
  5. Register your interest: Consultation workshop on impact in REF 2021. Read more

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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol.178

  1. Interested in securing challenge-led funding, check out this new blog on ‘theory of change’ and attend this webinar next Friday
  2. Work to develop knowledge exchange comparison framework gets underway. Read more
  3. Chasing the ‘impact unicorn’ – myths and methods in demonstrating research benefit. Read more
  4. Starting next year, universities have to prove their research has real-world impact. Read More
  5. Register your interest: REF town hall meetings. Read more

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The rise of the theory of change

The rise of the theory of change

Since at least 2009, when the research councils launched pathways to impact and HEFCE released proposals for impact assessment, impact, as part of research organisations’ agendas has grown both in importance and sophistication. How far institutions are equipped to...

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