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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol.190

1. The pressures and possibilities of the REF and impact. Read more
2. ISRIA’s statement: ten-point guidelines for an effective process of research impact assessment. Read more 
3. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing’s Inquiry report – ‘Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing’. Read more
4. Everything you need to know as a researcher to engage with the UK Parliament. Read more
5. Is there a case for case studies? Read more


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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol.189

1. The ‘long tail’ of research impact is engendered by meaningful dissemination and community engagement. Read more
2. Register now for our upcoming webinar on ‘Developing and embedding a research impact strategy’. Read more
3. New blog post on HEFCE’s recent REF 2021 Public Engagement workshop. Read more
4. Summary of submissions for New Zealand’s national ‘Impact of science’ consultation. Read more 
5. Understanding how research can better engage aid policy. Read more


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VV-Impact Newsletter Vol.188

1. The growing need for institutional research impact strategies. Read more
2.  A summary of recent discussions on public engagement, impact and the REF. Read more
3. Impact resources from the International School on Research Impact Assessment. Read more
4. Arts and Humanities Research Impact Network Group’s membership survey report – Impact in Practice in the Arts & Humanities. Read more 
5. Shifting the focus of EU funded research from a thematic base to a defined, higher-impact approach. Read more


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The rise of the theory of change

The rise of the theory of change

Since at least 2009, when the research councils launched pathways to impact and HEFCE released proposals for impact assessment, impact, as part of research organisations’ agendas has grown both in importance and sophistication. How far institutions are equipped to...

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